Sunday 2 May 2010

Trafalgar square and May Day

The sun came out in patches after rain last night and there was a festive atmosphere at Trafalgar square- as well as a May Day rally.

We went to Charing Cross( oh how Monoploy comes into London streets) to pick up rail tickets for Bath on Tuesday and went to the National Portrait Gallery.

There was entertainment inside and out.
 We enjoyed the Impressionists like Monet, Seurat and Renoir.  There was an exhibition called 'take one picture'- school children's impressions of the Renoir painting 'The Umbrellas"  Very imaginaive- centering on felt making, print making and bright colours.  I enjoyed this section.

Of course the planes didn't disappoint.  Can you see the plane below?


nattyj said...

That's not little baby in the pram is it?

tjoyy said...

is that a special baby that we know wrapped up in a pram? - sorry should be looking at the sights of London

Life's a poem said...

yes, but not our baby- we are taking an airing onto the tube today for a roast lunch out...