Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Where Inspiration comes from

Inspiration- yes well that initially strikes and away I go... but what if it flags, stales, stalls, the words begin to bore even the writer?

Ah, I have a solution.  Its part of my personality/research/hoarding? I am a collector of bits and pieces that matter to me, that contain that zing factor, that propel me into daydreaming, remembering, making connections.

I have folders that capture the essence of the creativity and personality of my six kids- well they are grown ups now, but if I trawl through my folders I find treasure:

 I re-enter that time of childhood- search for the details that matter, that resonate with possibility.

That's really important for me right now as I reach the end section of the novel that has taken me about 3 years to really steer in the right direction.

These folders become a visual snapshot of the busyness and fruitfulness of a lifestyle that was lived in the zoom, zoom zone.  Now I can slow it down and savour.  And reinvent!


Chris Bell said...

Hi Lorraine,
Your treasure folders are a fantastic resource for inspiration, especially to tap into childhood. Such marvellous links to the fun, personalities, attitudes and moments to jog memories and childlike wonder in your imagination. Thank you for sharing; I'd not thought to delve into my treasure box to find inspiration, and now I wonder why it never occurred to me. Best wishes, Chris Bell

Rochelle said...

Glad all those writings and drawings we did can be put to some use! What funny things you must be reading and remembering! x

Janeen said...

Clever you, Lorraine! What a terrific idea and well done on steering your novel into harbour.

Kat Apel said...

What I love most about this post is the fact that you give me permission to hoard. And you're so right - though I hadn't actually articulated it myself; I am a collector of bits and pieces that matter to me, that contain that zing factor, that propel me into daydreaming, remembering, making connections.



nattyj said...

Ooh wonder if any of my treasures are in your stash?

Life's a poem said...

Thanks Chris- these treasures trigger great detail for me,
Hope you find a use for those that inspire you too.

Janeen, I need the tug boat of inspiration to keep me on course!

Kat, I give you permission to hoard and then write from that hoard!!!

Thanks fellow writers!

Life's a poem said...

Rochelle and Nat- you'll keep Madeleine's love mummy letters to you- believe me! And yes Nat have lots of your gifts- always here to trawl through!

Dee White said...

Love this treasure trove, Lorraine.

I love things that propel me into daydreaming...and I love the concept of searching for the details that matter.


Life's a poem said...

Thanks Dee,
Hope your own treasure trove brings much publishing riches!

tjoyy said...

gee will we get an inspiration commission?

Rochelle said...

haha, I like that Tam - inspiration commission! Although we wouldn't be anywhere with our mum, so she deserves it all :)

Unknown said...

Hi Lorraine,
I can see how your treasure folders provide loads of inspiration for your writing.

As a child I used to keep,my art work, bus tickets,and odd bits and pieces. I try not to hoard so much now but I think you've just given me an excuse. Great post!

Life's a poem said...

Hi Renee, thanks for joining my site too- yes just can't help it- the new novel I've written was researched a bit with my treasure trove- but it is worrying - how to store when one has a big family!