Wednesday 31 March 2010

''Raining Embers"

Last year we were not far from the Black Saturday bushfire- a change of wind direction took the fire away from us- a terrible day.  But out of this tragedy a group of dedicated people recorded the stories of the bushfire victims in Bendigo.

Coincidentally my publisher told me that I needed a poem about the bushfire to add to my forthcoming poetry collection.  And I shared the result with John Holton the editor of 'Raining Embers.'   That's how part of my poem became the back blurb of the book.

It was a moving launch event last Friday night and I felt so proud when John concluded his launch speech by reading out my poem.
  John Holton's blog spot   
This link shares the journey in the compilation of the book by John.

Tuesday 30 March 2010

CBCA Notables

Exciting news!  My verse novel- 'Star Jumps' made the CBCA Notable list today.  Very satisfying.  Its not easy to write in a genre that is not mainstream and  a topic that tackles farming and drought- but this novel is close to my heart and was showered with tears through the writing and editing stages.

Well done Walker- my publisher with several notable books in 2010 awards.

Thanks to the May Gibbs Literature trust for time spent in 2007 working on 'Star Jumps.'

Saturday 27 March 2010

Short and Scary

It's always great to be anthologised.  Look at this amazing publication by Black Dog Books.
So many authors.

I have a poem in here ( of course) poetry comes more easily.
The book is indeed small, but a wonderful size and I've got it packed into my bag for that big flight soon to the UK.


Wednesday 17 March 2010

Poetry workshops

Last week I took poetry workshops; performed a couple of poems first then moved into strategies like Images for the older classes, conversation poetry, funny poems, falling down poems.  All techniques I've developed over a number of years and fine tuned as I teach them a number of times- the results are amazing, great fun and the children achieve a written poem- often two in the 55 minutes session.   I love encouraging children to write- and they can write!

Tuesday 16 March 2010

Book Launch

Janeen Brian's book 'Shirl and the Wollamby show' was held at Little Picasso's- what a great venue.  Kat  Chadwick the illustrator of the book flew in from Melbourne.  A fascinating evening to celebrate and network.
Well done Janeen.

Thanks to Marg for the photos below.

There was some stunning artwork by children to really emesh us in Shirl's world.

Sunday 7 March 2010


I've been taking a range of poetry workshops with children in the primary sector.  I love the freedom to create, the excitement, the surprise and the satisfaction that writing a poem brings.  Actually I've had feedback from teachers that the child who is reluctant to write finished a piece of writing, that a child read out a poem that they might not normally volunteer to do so.  In other words writing a poem has created waves, created possibilities in the teaching of writing.

I use a scaffolding of a technique I have developed over a number of years.  I've collected really interesting photograhs and laminated them.  This allows the child to look at the world from a different vantage point- from  the view of a poet.

I learn also. This is most important to engage with my reading public.