Tuesday 31 May 2011


There is a time for firsts- first author panel, first workshop in the State library- poetry of course.  And a wonderful little rural school where the grades 3-6 had illustrated my short prose poem- A Ute Picnic along the back wall).

 And the poems that were written over the workshops attached to Reading Matters conference were wonderful- I hope to get a copy!

Then last night I took part in a Panel discussion on Great Expectations winning an award- there were Glenda Millard, Alex Miller and Rebecca Stead( USA Newberry medal winner).  My first author panel- very interesting- even the Jimmy Possum comfy chairs were intriguing!

And today- two school sessions on Ratwhiskers and me' and sharing all my goldfields props with hometown audiences- I enjoyed it so much- ah the voice and the feet are very tired.

What a grand occupation- being a children's author and poet.

PS Thanks Tamara for the hat, wig, shirt and belt- they were a hit!

Wednesday 25 May 2011

A whole week

I confess I've not been further into Queensland than Brisbane so last week we headed north into cane country into Mackay for the last son's wedding.  Rain, misty.  People walk in the rain as if it's everyday- which it was, and the humidity.  Ah I realise I love the crispness of winter- so May was a good month to visit.

The tropical trees and beaches were eye candy:

And the bride beautiful and the groom handsome.
Every wedding I've written a special poem- so six wedding poems have been written.  Here's to love and commitment-
 Here's the first stanza- for Kyle and Tracey:

Such a day
this wedding day,
vows and bindings
began in attraction, trust,
burgeoning to commitment
companionship and the daily need
to share,
these are the heart strings of love.

Saturday 14 May 2011

Part of the craft

It's my creativity, to plunge into words and then to tinker with fabric and thread.  Both processes help each other.

This little rabbit girl now lives in London with my granddaughter Madeleine.  The pattern came from here.

Sometimes my stories need to be cut, or altered, so too clothes, especially imminent page boy trousers. So Quinn your trousers are now cut to length ready for the big wedding.
So smile and let's celebrate the last wedding- all six of our children married is a fantastic statistic.

Wednesday 4 May 2011

New books and a talk

Up on the Penguin website a new cover- my new Aussie Nibbles due out August.

Exciting times- this little story evolved over twelve months of rewriting- but well worth the effort and patience of my editor.

Before Easter I gave a Rotary talk- ten minutes on what it's like to be a children's author and surprisingly I was nervous- reading poems- and the opening poem- usually garners a laugh- but no response- so that threw me.  They were great people doing great community work and I appreciated the opportunity to spread the news about the creative world of children's writing.

Thanks to the Strathdale Rotary club.