Tuesday 21 September 2010

Where Inspiration comes from

Inspiration- yes well that initially strikes and away I go... but what if it flags, stales, stalls, the words begin to bore even the writer?

Ah, I have a solution.  Its part of my personality/research/hoarding? I am a collector of bits and pieces that matter to me, that contain that zing factor, that propel me into daydreaming, remembering, making connections.

I have folders that capture the essence of the creativity and personality of my six kids- well they are grown ups now, but if I trawl through my folders I find treasure:

 I re-enter that time of childhood- search for the details that matter, that resonate with possibility.

That's really important for me right now as I reach the end section of the novel that has taken me about 3 years to really steer in the right direction.

These folders become a visual snapshot of the busyness and fruitfulness of a lifestyle that was lived in the zoom, zoom zone.  Now I can slow it down and savour.  And reinvent!