Saturday 21 June 2014

Writing strategies to teach writing

Ahh, I have been absent from this blog for far too long.  What has kept me away?

Writing for teaching.  I have a few big residencies coming up and teach across age levels and often need to write new material to scaffold the learning.

So much planning, resourcing, packing, thinking, composing.  But along the way my own view of the writing process and creativity is enlarged also.

My many books on writing, my own practice and pinterest have all help formulate many narrative techniques and cast a closer look at many components like vibrant writing; show not tell; details; conflict to name a few.  Always hard to know how each year level will react but am eager to test all the new strategies out.  And thankfully the many op shops have gems of magazines and books just waiting for me to buy and recycle in my own unique fashion.

We head for Murrayville on the Victorian border.  My husband, our dog and caravan and two big tubs of folders and books all mapped out for each year level- some year levels have two or three goes at narrative over the week.  I just hope my voice and energy hold out.

And hoping for fabulous writing and new eager insights into creativity.