Thursday 24 July 2008

bonfires at birthdays

On the farm we had a bonfire every winter to downsize the accumulated rubbish- no rubbish tips close by or street bin service- no streets. But here is our grandson's birthday party bonfire. Now there was a corded off area to keep back, a great idea- we never did that. Uncertainties are wind direction and what is placed on the bonfire.
Then there is always the picking through the ashes next day to see what did burn and what artistic twisted shapes fire makes on metal.

Sunday 20 July 2008

launch photos

I'm still enjoying the memory of my book launch last weekend.
Here are two photos- Claire Saxby my friend launched the book.

Thursday 17 July 2008

Ratwhiskers launch

It has come and gone- a time of tingle and apprehension- my book launch for my latest novel 'Ratwhiskers and me'. What great friends and family to celebrate and a special writing friend Claire Saxby made the launch speech. Here's quote from it:
Ratwhiskers and Me is a stunning verse novel set in 19C goldfields Bendigo. I first read this manuscript in October 2006 and was just blown away. I read it in a single sitting, unable to put it down. I sat for a time afterwards, just letting the story settle inside me. I was very excited for Lorraine when Walker Books accepted Ratwhiskers for publication. And now to hold the finished book in my hand is thrilling. I love the wraparound cover, I love the design. But first and foremost, I love the words. There are changes from the draft I initially read, but the editing (onya Sue Whiting) has served to make Ratwhiskers and Me even more knock-me-down wonderful.

Thanks Claire!

Monday 7 July 2008

A new poetry site for teachers and children

Well, hats off to Sherryl Clark and Meredith Costain for devising another voice for contemporary Australian poetry in the classroom.

Here's the website:

And my poem 'Left behind on the beach' is first cab off the rank...

The idea is to provide poems for teachers to use in the classroom.

Here is an idea to write from this poem:

The first stanza reads:

Left behind on the beach:
two scoops of holes
for the sea to fill,
two mini holes
for the crabs to climb.

(c) Lorraine Marwood

Try patterning these lines by using a different image of the beach-
two scoops of ...
for the.....
two mini....
for the ......

Do a word cluster of what can be found on the beach, insects /animals/ rubbish/things washed in by the tide/birds/wind/sun/
Use something surprising from this list to finish the stanza and start a new one.
Remember specific details are the glitter and enjoyment in a poem.

Have fun- share what you have written.