Friday 29 June 2012

Singapore and London

Big days of plane travel but we've arrived- a great stopover at Crowne Plaza, Changai airport Singpaore, then onto London which was 27 degrees yesterday!

Already had a walk with our daughter and grand daughter- I love just looking at the produce in shops- Wholefoods Kensington has ostrich eggs for sale!

And a French bakery with coffee from bowls- ahh the tastes and experiences!
That Latte was delicious!

Thursday 21 June 2012

Poem tally

I've had a busy half year writing new poems. My next collection due out in April 2013 is full of new unpublished work.  I've tried for heartfelt, original imagery- some poems have taken a long road to become a polished piece, others have just needed a pen to record as they unfolded on the page.

I still have one or two to create but nearly done- over 60 new poems.  But as always once I begin writing, re-writing I am amazed at what comes.  That is the intangible  tingle of creating.

Monday 18 June 2012

Residency complete

I'm back from a two weeks teaching stint in Sydney- teaching poetry across the school years.  Fabulous work!  Love seeing eyes light up as poems are read and know that poetry is relished by some and hopefully now many more.  I tried to show that poetry is fun to write, that anyone can write it and it can reflect emotion and polish an ordinary moment in life.

  Thanks for great Sydney views and...

Thanks for great Sydney school librarians and friends- thanks Li and Amanda- such great supporters of children's literature.

Saturday 9 June 2012

Between teaching

I've been introducing new techniques in my two week's residency- I love challenging and seeing what wonderful poems result, including a new technique I've written for the year 6 class called 'Catalogue poetry.'

And in between I'm relaxing with craft for gifts, using a versatile felt material.  Oh and also reading!

Saturday 2 June 2012

new poetry teaching

Devising new poetry strategies for teaching children

I'm set a challenge about this time each year when I head north for a two week residency teaching poetry across the primary school from Transition to Year 6.

The teachers often ask for specific subject content like:

  • wet and dry environments
  • sports poetry
  • symbols of Australia
  • First Fleet

Now how can the First Fleet be made poetic in content and relevant? This echoed through my working days for quite awhile until I researched and read much about the First Fleet- for example the list of goods packed for arrival at the other side of the world in an unknown country.

Words such as tierces, firkins and puncheons... what are they? The uniqueness and pathos of the expedition to settle a new world began to work its magic- it's the emotion, the contrasts that matter and details make that emotion in poetry even more poignant.

So here's a sneak preview:

A poem of contrasts

is when the stars are Southern
not Northern back home.
is the bush all around
just tents, no brick houses.
is the waves at night
no cobble stones or sooty fires.
Alone in a new other- world country.

© Lorraine Marwood

And what of tierces, firkins and puncheons..well I have a warm up writing activity to define these- should be fun.

What subject matter do you use for poetry making?