Monday 27 July 2009


Kids love animals. I try and include an animal in lots of my stories- they act as companions, someone else to converse with and an outlet for emotions. I can remember as a teenager walking with my dog ( even though he wasn't very obedient) to mull over things. Look at the delight on my grandson's face- now there's a smile that doesn't shine often enough.
What makes our character's personality shine?

Thursday 9 July 2009

well crafted

I am a hoarder- it is a problem, but it's also a delight. Take for example this hand knitted ball- my grandmother always knitted gifts- I had baby clothes and toys in storage for my grandchildren. Now they are happening- up to three, a fourth one arriving in January. But this ball I wanted to give to one of my daughters but the yellow wool had rotted away- I reknitted the section and discovered little pieces of yarn as the stuffing inside. It's back to new, with a bell inside and working- I love the creativity that my grandmother has passed on- it survives in all the craft I love to tinker with and the creative solutions to my writing- hoarding scraps of memory to be sewn into a new manuscript.