Friday 19 October 2012

Coming to the end...

As the end of year approaches too fast, my last workshops were conducted at Goulburn Valley Grammar.  Thanks Pauline for organising these.

I love reading my Family Myths poem to the years 7's and encourage them to think about family myths in their own family- here are some:

  • we always have chicken surprise every night
  • we always have hot veggies, no salad
  • I always leave my car door open not closed properly
  • always put milk last when using a teabag

What are your family myths?

And finally my own design- a Christmas ornament using what I have in my own craft stash.

Saturday 6 October 2012

Workshops and writing

Ooh what a big time lapse between posts, after our overseas trip my old faithful laptop died- here I am with a new whizz bang laptop, but feel the old one was easier to work...

I've had a spate of writing festivals to attend....
Here at the Ballarat children's writers and illustrators festival with Alison Lloyd and Jackie Hosking who chaired our panel, what a special time sharing and networking.

I've had a week's residency teaching poetry to a little P12 school in the Mallee- Murraryville and the culmination was an afternoon where students read their poems to parents and danced also( there was a dance teacher for the week also)- what a great combination of creativity.

I've also been writing poems  and redrafting for my next collection with Walker due out next year.  Many poems had their spark ignited in the UK.  A kernel of memory and experience locked into a poem!

As well, I've dipped into craft again to complete some projects for Madeleine and for Christmas...

The pattern came from here.