Tuesday 3 March 2015

It's Here!!!

After lots of brainstorming, writing, editing, piecing together the blog tour for 'Celebrating Australia'
a year in poetry' is finally here.

Check out the sites for revealing information on poetry!

And an extra treat as each poet shares a poem modelled on one of mine!!!

Celebrating Australia, a year in poetry’ Lorraine Marwood Published by Walker books    BLOG TOUR

2nd March  Jackie Hosking: www.jackiehoskingblog.wordpress.com  Topic:  What makes a good poem ( according to LM)

3rd March  Kathryn Apel: https://katswhiskers.wordpress.com/blog Topic: Bringing a poetry collection together

4th March   Rebecca Newman:www.rebeccanewman.net.au   Topic: Researching  for poetry writing

5th March   Claire Saxby:  www.letshavewords.blogspot.com Topic: Inside this collection

6th March  Janeen Brian: http://janeenbrian.com/blog/ Topic: How you create for the creators: how you create ideas to excite children and adults to write poems of their own.

9th March  Alphabet Soup ;  www.alphabetsoup.net.au  Topic:  Writing a class poem- the results!

How grateful I am for writing friends!  Thank you Jackie, Kathryn, Rebecca, Claire and Janeen.