Tuesday 6 November 2012

Reading, thinking makes writing

I am in London. It is chilly outside and Christmas glitter and lights are beginning to brighten shops.

I am helping my daughter as she waits for baby number 2 to arrive.  I am cooking, sewing, playing with Madeleine and reading(occasionally)  I bought a book at Foyle's books store- one I've tried to read from our local library, even as an audio book and just couldn't get past the blood.  Yes it's a YA novel and very successful.  And set in London.

This time around I'm surging through the plot line and enjoying it.

What has changed?

I've finished writing and editing my next book, and now can concentrate on several other manuscripts awaiting more work, or re-working.  One manuscript that has been germinating for years is a fantasy, a time switch.  Not quite YA, no where near as gory as the above novel, but one that wants to pack a character punch and plot line just as successfully.

It's all part of my journey as an author and while I'm away from home, I'm soaking in atmosphere and thinking and missing the Australian spring.

Oh and did I say I was also knitting?  Just a scarf for Madeleine...