Monday 28 October 2013


Wow I can't believe that I'm blogging over here.    It is making me think of different ways of engaging with an unknown audience and also thinking a bit about my writing journey.

I have conducted many poetry workshops lately and I'm constantly reminded that many children need this mantra to be foremost- poetry doesn't have to rhyme.  Also poetry doesn't have to have big picture content or be about life, death and love but about the tiny moments that kaleidoscope a day.  To me this is true poetry.

Here is my latest inspiration and distraction.  Welcome Monti.

Saturday 12 October 2013


October and I'm working on a new book.  I love getting into the rhythm of regular everyday writing and when I do I wonder why I haven't disciplined myself enough before now to make it an unyielding habit.

This week I am workshopping into Melbourne schools, both primary and secondary, so no writing then, but showing the love of writing poetry.

Two of my techniques that I've pioneered- incident writing and images will be demonstrated again.  Such satisfying and fully attainable poetry techniques, always bringing new poems into existence.

I am continuing my blogging over at Christchurch kids blog.

We also will welcome a new puppy into the family.  I haven't looked after a pet for years, so this is both exciting and challenging.

Here is his welcome pack so far.

My writing friend Janeen Brian and her husband Jon visited so of course we talked and talked and talked.

Hello Janeen!!!

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Ohh, where did September go?

I've been out into the Wimmera/ Mallee teaching poetry for a week and writing new poems.

To be ready to teach from Prep to year 12 took several weeks to prepare new techniques and organise.

But it is always a privilege to help children to write!  And now I have written new techniques to use in other teaching settings as well.

But here's a link to look at  I will be
author of the month and blog about all things writing as they affect me...

Walker books has a blog post about 'Guinea Pig Town and other animal poems' here.

Meanwhile I am writing for a new collection of poems- more about that later.

Happy reading and writing.