Wednesday 23 April 2008

latest poem

What joy to find a package from America in the mail. I have a poem in the anthology 'Side by Side' new poems inspired by art from around the world. Abrams New York edited by Jan Greenburg.

What an exciting project and the book smells luscious- newly printed.

Sunday 6 April 2008

another birthday

Yes another one! But a cake made by my daughter and candles for my grandchildren and the singing, the clapping out the years, the wishing, the cutting and eating.

pot pourri

Another bit of sewing. It hasn't used much material and I have a flood of material. I also have a flood of potpourri from various sources- how fragrant. I love all those medieval references in fantasy novels- well children's, Young Adult fantasy novels to herbs, rose petals and lavender.

I am currently reading a novel by Mary Hoffman called 'The Falconer's Knot' and enjoying the different exploration of a life and who dunnit from a monastery point of view. The mixing of pigments for the artists detailed through the plot is rather amazing also.

Anyway this cat is fragrant, lovingly stitched and wears a bell! And will be in the post soon as a 30th birthday gift.