Friday, 6 January 2012

New Year

Happy New Year!

I love Christmas but often there is barely enough time to think and reflect, because there is a grand daughter's end of year concert:

Lots of presents to buy, or make and wrap for all those six grand children  (and children):

Cards to write and send, a year's worth of news to catch up on:

A big garden to keep going:

 And new poems to write...Happy New Year 2012


Janeen said...

hi Lorraine, still in NZ amidst all the rain! I think we should cross over the state barrier sometime this year for that long overdue cuppa, chat, writing and stitchery! Happy New Year. love Janeen.

Jill in a Box said...

I'm envious of your love of Christmas - I want to love it, and try, but each year brings disappointment and defeat. Too many gifts, too much stress, too many family visits. This year I tried very hard to make things better - I bought books for everyone to simplify gift giving, had a simple family Christmas at home, and tried not to rush family visits. I think I have not worked out what Christmas really means for my family. But I'll keep trying. I did give 'Notes on the Door' as a gift! That gave me pleasure. Thank you for getting me thinking about how to find the meaning in Christmas.

Life's a poem said...

HI Jill, thanks for your comments- yes it's such a busy season, but I love celebrating it, so I can put up with the rush and stress- yah for giving 'Note on the door' as a gift- the title poem shows how writing can change how we feel about the things we can't control- like a messy bedroom! Happy New year.

Life's a poem said...

Hi Janeen,

Would love some rain on my garden to have a cuppa, chat and stitchery soon...

Happy New Year to you too. x

tjoyy said...

hope you have had time to reflect now mum! Glad you give your time to give to all of us x