Wednesday 28 January 2009

diary of the natural world

I've had this diary for awhile now- probably garnered second hand- but I love the possibilities it presents. To explore the natural world however minute, around me.
And to start yet another diary- not sure if I can keep another diary of sorts, but it trains my skills of observation even more and these are the natural tools of a poet.

Wednesday 21 January 2009

Flying Ants

There are so many phenomenal insect activities that happen in a moment and then are gone. If you're not in your back yard at that precise or spy something from a window, then you miss out.

Just as I was about to put the washing on the line one day last month- here was a swarm of big flying ants. They came quickly from the log and flew away in a matter of seconds. Amazing.

I love the quirks and impossible feats of the natural world. Great fuel for writing and an analogy of creativity and ongoing hope for one's own writing output.

My book to be reviewed

A bit of writing news. 'Ratwhiskers and me' will be reviewed in the School Magazine "Orbit" this year, so that is welcome news. As an author it's always great to garner as much publicity as possible.

Here's the web link

Monday 12 January 2009

pantry update

Not only has Kel beavered way at a completely new pantry with a bench, overhead cupboards, big drawers, but he has made a slide out rubbish bin in another cupboard in the kitchen. So here's a farewell to the bin that once held supermarket bags and worked hard for many years - in fact it's a relic from the farm and should hold many trashy memories for the kids. I thought it was a smart invention when I first bought it and when the new rubbish bin was installed this was decommissioned. As we still have a huge shed in suburbia, I put this little wire frame near the back door in anticipation of its trip to the shed.

"No way," said Kel. So before it goes into the council rubbish bin, here is a memorial to a well used everyday object.

You can really write about anything!

Saturday 10 January 2009

Happy New Year

Maybe one of my resolutions needs to be to keep up with blogs... but what a great sight to see this shingle-backed lizard in our garden in November. I'm fascinated by nature.
Look at the wonderful markings. It's a sign of ecological health- well that's my belief. On the dairy farm we had snakes and no lizards so it's wonderful to be in town and the reverse happens.