Wednesday 30 January 2008

'The invention of Hugo Cabret,' by Brian Selznick. Is this a new kind of reading- a sophisticated combination of pages of black and white illustrations which pace the plot then a switch back to prose? When I placed the book on hold in my local library- I didn't know the book would be so thick and heavy- but a great read. That orphan tragedy plot, hardworking. I enjoyed the automaton and the mechanical ability of Hugo- This is a star quality read and another instance of pushing story in all its glory.

Sunday 6 January 2008

Book review

I'm inspired to write a review of a book I borrowed yesterday from the library and completed reading this morning- these days I don't read as quickly as I once did.

'Princess Academy' by Shannon Hale- a junior fiction book- grabbed my attention- not because of the title but because of the silver sticker- Newberry honour book.

I loved Miri- smallest daughter of a quarry worker and her growing awareness of her place in the family, her relationship with Pedder and the linder rock that is the main industry of her isolated village. When the king's priests divine that the future princess will be found in Mount Eskel, the training for the eligible girls in the village begins in earnest. Which girl will the prince choose?

Well written -a fresh perspective on quest and character- loved every tiny petal of it.

Friday 4 January 2008

Christmas decorations and family traditions

As I was packing away the decorations, I looked carefully again at the first decorations we had as a newly married couple. Decorations were expensive to buy and we didn't have money for Christmas trimmings. So I made some. Here's a sample. I'm in the beginning stages of writing an article about these pieces.

Wednesday 2 January 2008

a New year

Back into the writing mode. Some days have surprises just waiting to be unpackaged like this photo taken the second week of December on a dead gum tree. Four tawny frogmouth owls, pretending to be logs- no I didn't use zoom on the camera unfortunately.

The closer we came to look, the more they stuck out necks like dead twigs on a branch.
We have lost gum trees in our garden due to the sustained drought. But what a gift on a tree- what Christmas baubles.