Monday 30 July 2007

May Gibbs

Well it's time for travel- to my May Gibbs writing residency. We had a late start due to a family death- how sharper are our awareness of relationships and support now.

Love the green countryside, the lush new plantings of trees, the Grampian mountains in the background and that hill at Dunkeld- wow what a backyard scuplture!

We are in Hamilton tonight and for the first time there is free wireless, let me repeat free wireless- bliss!

I have missed my week or more away from writing- I am itching to get into serious work soon. My official starting date now is the 2nd of August. I hope everything is packed- a last desperate scramble to get organised.

Tuesday 10 July 2007

pushing into the real world

Sitting there, typing words-

pushing the characters along, like bikes with training wheels, like meals spoon full by spoon full, until the characters can learn to ride by themselves, know that pumpkin and broccoli are good for them and actually delicious. That's when I know that I have a story and it moves in the real world. But today I am pushing a wobbly bike, saying steer to the right, keep pedaling, keep pedaling.

Monday 9 July 2007

4 year old birthday parties and an Uncle who can decorate cakes. Wow!
Now I'm a grandmother it's fun allover again.
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Thursday 5 July 2007

finished at last

Well that poetry strategy, I've finished it. It makes small poems easy to generate- here's a small sample.


at the way balloons

shrivel like grapes

after a party

all bouncy happy birthday

softly fizzing/hissing away.

© Lorraine Marwood

Wednesday 4 July 2007

Tiredness, eats into the day- I want to write a new story, but my eyes want to shutter down, constantly.
So what does a poet and author do on those least writing days? Look at submissions- what can be sent and where and the progress of queries, answers to emails and general computer constant work!
For example I need to do a profile of myself for a publisher and they ask for ten things about myself- I suspect they mean quirky unusual things... that's really stumped me.

One quirky thing about me:

  • made at least 3000 chocolate cakes in my life time