Tuesday 20 December 2011

Occasional Book review number 2


Violet Mackerel's Natural Habitat by Anna Branford illustrated by Sarah Davis

Walker books ISBN 978 1 921529 191

What I enjoy so much about Anna Branford's style is her seemingly effortless skill in portraying Violet's thoughts and the wholly believable synapses of her child logic. This is the third instalment of life according to Violet. And what a delectable and vibrant world it is.

From a sparrow in a shopping centre, to a delightful exploration of the term 'Natural Habitat' we are engrossed with Violet's family life. When Violet's sister Nicola has to do a project for the Natural Science display, it causes much friction in the household because Nicola doesn't know what to do.

Violet's helpful suggestions are met with “Buzz off, Violet,' she says.(Nicola) “It's not a primary school project where you can just put some ladybirds in a jar. It is for a display and it has to be actual science.”

So Violet sets about making her own Natural Habitat for Small Gloria the ladybird found in 'a patch of fennel with soft feathery leaves.'

Sarah Davis' black and white illustrations are the perfect foil for the text, from a shoulder -hunching, frowning Nicola, to a wistful head- titling Violet, Sarah captures the drama of the small moments in these sisters' lives.

A wonderful read and highly recommended. A Great Christmas gift!


maoriora said...

What a lovely review. Well done.

anna said...

This was so, so lovely to read Lorraine. Merry Christmas to me! Thank you so much.

Life's a poem said...

My pleasure Anna- love your crafts as well- here's to a new year full of writing and crafting!!!

Jill in a Box said...

My family loves all the Violet Mackerel books and we have been giving them to people for Chriatmas. I gave my daughter Notes on the Door for Christmas and she especially enjoyed Christmas Cracker. My favourite is That Dog. Thank you for a great book. We look forward reading the others.

Life's a poem said...

thanks for your kind comments about the poems- an author loves to hear details about what you liked best. And yes Violet Mackerel is fantastic!
Enjoy reading over the Christmas break.