Tuesday 19 October 2010

Books and sewing- challenges both

I went into my local Collins book store last week- I did have a voucher to spend but of course didn't take the names of the books I really wanted to buy- a mixture of craft and children's fiction.  But the staff were setting up a new display.  One book- well retro book caught my eye- hey I said I've got that book at home- I read it in my first year of high school- in fact a childhood friend recently discovered my name in the book and the book on her bookshelf and returned it to me- many, many years after she had borrowed it.

I was really surprised to see this book reprinted.  It poses the question- is this what readers want now- a mystery, a step up from Enid Blyton?  As writers are we providing this?

I also wanted to share a craft from scraps and recycled material( thanks Janeen for those cloth serviettes).  I belong to a craft group called Knotty Ladies and they are working towards a market for craft from recycled material for Christmas and charity.

The pattern can be found here.wrap around doll

Sunday 10 October 2010

creating in a different media

I confess.  I sew, I craft, I op shop, I think, I gather.
I believe that these facets of my personality get my writing going.  I think as I sew.  As I snip and sort through scraps and material, I'm planning, I'm sorting colours, scenes, character traits.
Some creations work beautifully, other times I follow patterns ( read: plot) and I'm dissatisfied with the result, or misread the directions and go my own way.

Here is a sample of what I'm working on... all gifts.
The pattern for the robot is here.
 And an op shop find for my granddaughter Hetty, complete with a prince and princess is for dreaming.