Sunday, 10 October 2010

creating in a different media

I confess.  I sew, I craft, I op shop, I think, I gather.
I believe that these facets of my personality get my writing going.  I think as I sew.  As I snip and sort through scraps and material, I'm planning, I'm sorting colours, scenes, character traits.
Some creations work beautifully, other times I follow patterns ( read: plot) and I'm dissatisfied with the result, or misread the directions and go my own way.

Here is a sample of what I'm working on... all gifts.
The pattern for the robot is here.
 And an op shop find for my granddaughter Hetty, complete with a prince and princess is for dreaming.


Rochelle said...

lovely robot! And a lovely princess castle - she'll love it!! Did you buy the blue coathanger too?

Life's a poem said...

No that is my complete own design- a gift, no pattern and my own lavender harvested from the garden too.

jen storer said...

Oh I agree lorraine. you have to keep the artist within sparking with lots of other imput! love your coathanger and how fab that you use your own lavender. It's got me thinking... ;) xx

anna said...

I relate to this kind of inspiration so completely Lorraine! I think foraging and building and weaving and gardening are all the greatest friends of the writer.

tjoyy said...

hj & kd just love treasure finding too - especially if it is for them!