Monday, 7 July 2008

A new poetry site for teachers and children

Well, hats off to Sherryl Clark and Meredith Costain for devising another voice for contemporary Australian poetry in the classroom.

Here's the website:

And my poem 'Left behind on the beach' is first cab off the rank...

The idea is to provide poems for teachers to use in the classroom.

Here is an idea to write from this poem:

The first stanza reads:

Left behind on the beach:
two scoops of holes
for the sea to fill,
two mini holes
for the crabs to climb.

(c) Lorraine Marwood

Try patterning these lines by using a different image of the beach-
two scoops of ...
for the.....
two mini....
for the ......

Do a word cluster of what can be found on the beach, insects /animals/ rubbish/things washed in by the tide/birds/wind/sun/
Use something surprising from this list to finish the stanza and start a new one.
Remember specific details are the glitter and enjoyment in a poem.

Have fun- share what you have written.

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