Thursday, 24 July 2008

bonfires at birthdays

On the farm we had a bonfire every winter to downsize the accumulated rubbish- no rubbish tips close by or street bin service- no streets. But here is our grandson's birthday party bonfire. Now there was a corded off area to keep back, a great idea- we never did that. Uncertainties are wind direction and what is placed on the bonfire.
Then there is always the picking through the ashes next day to see what did burn and what artistic twisted shapes fire makes on metal.


Rochelle said...

I loved bonfire time! So good on a cold winter's day. And fun to see Kyle playing in the ashes afterwards!
The smell and the crackle and pop!

tjoyy said...

thanks for posting this - it was a pity that it was over so soon and so windy and chilly - but love bon fires - lots of good fun and memories