Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Lost Gardens of Heligan and sea town of Mevagissey

Another drive out along picturesque green pastures, old stone buildings, narrow roads and hedge rows.
We drove to the Lost gardens of Heligan- a curate in Lostwithel inherits an (1809) estate and outlays the shape of a huge garden, later three generations turn it into an incredible garden with hot houses, a jungle, woodlands... the outbreak of the First World war, then began the decline of the garden- the garden was rediscovered in the 1990's and restored.  The English love their gardens and they walk and walk...

the Lost Gardens of Heligan

Loved the way the apple trees were trained to grow over the arbour.

This amazing feature is thought to be a mound built as a beacon in the Spanish Armada times- see explanation below;
And some useful gardening amenities.

Tool shed!

Then we drooled over the vegetable patch and the rhubarb!

Also loved the stone work gutters!
Then it rained- we got lost in the gardens!  Ha! And decided to explore a little seaside harbour- with tiny streets, tiny houses... parked the car and walked and got even wetter!

Late lunch at a harborside cafe/pub where the past Cornish customs were highlighted...


nattyj said...

Wow, wow, wow! Stop showing off all the beautiful gardens - green with envy!
So how's the driving going? Nice to have some freedom & out in the countryside I imagine. x

Unknown said...

Such a magical place - the grey light makes everything so 'English'.
Seems like you are having a wonderful time, enjoy it!

tjoyy said...

gee those gardens are fab - leaving bendigo NOW