Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Inbetween day and on the way to Bath!

Near West Kensington there is an open space and cemetry called Margravine Gardens.  Squirrels are tame and people stroll, sit for a bit of quiet, children play- lungs and a bit of wilderness in a density of population.  Here I am fascinated with tall and full trees of blossom and when the wind blows the blossoms collect along the edges of the pathways- delicate pink petals.  There is so much blossom around London streets and gardens. 


Today we caught the train from Paddington station to Bath- here are a few window shots.

We shared a table and window seats on a train with few passengers.

After Reading a nuclear power station.  We saw paddocks of canola, sheep and cattle.
Then booking into our  bed and breakfast and a walk around Bath- how big is it!  How many school groups, how many laneways and the architecture.  Tomorrow we will visit the Roman Baths.

 We had dinner at Sally Lunn's- oldest bakehouse in Bath c 1482. 
Plenty of jobs for kitchen/waiting staff in Bath- one establishment quoted 6 pound an hour...
Tomorrow- the Roman baths.


tjoyy said...

great to see dad is getting good use of his jacket - were you happy with all you packed in the end?

Rochelle said...

Glad you're enjoying Bath already. It's such a lovely place! Hope you enjoy the Roman Baths - so much to see and take in :)

nattyj said...

I think Dad fits right in there!