Friday, 30 April 2010

Kew Gardens Part 2

Part 2 of Kew Gardens

There was so much information to take in yesterday that I need to post more/ photos and sights- yesterday I only touched on this remarkable Victorian woman Marianne North who dedicated her life to botanical drawing and toured the new world- below is a link to more information.

I paraphrase a little bit of wisdom she said- 'A joke was often my best travelling companion- better that man or money."


One of the glass houses- Temperate house-1898 we went in the south entrance and of course were attracted to the Australian species!
Then there was the badger's keep for children to crawl through- amazing.  Our grand son would rush through it with glee.

And the beautiful woodlands with blue bells.

and in the woodlands...
A picnic cottage for Queen Charlotte- just open once a year to the public...

Then Kew Palace( alas a separate entrance fee so we enjoyed the nosegay garden)

And to finish - the Orangery- what a building- designed by Chambers also.

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tjoyy said...

your knee looks a bit sore in that shot mum - love your last image best of all - wish we could explore those gardens too