Friday 30 September 2011

Cloak Parade

The book's written, the cloak's made and the Chantelle book marks
Narelle Stone is reading the book, Meryl has played the harp and Tyson is wearing his magic cloak
Let the cloak parade begin
Twirls and audience clapping
Now to celebrate in style!

Thanks to the wonderful Bendigo library, Tammy Higgs, Narelle Stone, Meryl Wilkinson,
Julie Gittus, and my family for the wonderful launch.  Even thunder lightning and torrential rain couldn't stop the festivities but did stop the Melbourne train from arriving in time with this special guest.

Thanks Claire for making such a super cloak and coming to celebrate-thanks for all your patient critiques of the many drafts of Chantelle's cloak.


Angela Sunde. said...

Oh, I do love book launches! Congratulations, Lorraine on a new book baby. The cloak parade was adorable and Claire's cloak is a stand out. I hope you saved her a cupcake.

tjoyy said...

wow just love Claire's cloak - well done Mum! Always an awe inspiring!

tjoyy said...

wow just love Claire's cloak - what a shame the train was delayed. Love your work Mum! When I grow up I want to be just like you xxx

jen storer said...

It looks like great fun, Lorraine! and the cupcakes look delicious. I saw 'Chantelle' in Dymocks in Colins St yesterday (sunday). It was already face out so I didn't have to do anything sneaky... jx

Life's a poem said...

Oh good Jen- wonder if my poetry book is out there also- the worries of a mumma book maker- never cease. thanks for your congrats- fun night.

Janeen said...

weather- and worries
BUT cloaks, cupcakes and congratualtions!!!