Sunday, 9 October 2011

More Book launches

Weekend: Saturday

It's great to support my writing friends- this weekend I went to Claire Saxby's 'Carrum Sailing club' book launch and the illustrator Christina Booth was there also!

What a treat to have author reading and illustrator turning the pages!  And a chance to catch up with friends- always much about the writing world to discuss.

Dee White launched the book- and Claire spoke about her inspiration- this is such an interesting part of the launch.  Jellyfish lollies were tossed to celebrate and a reading and participation followed.


Today in Maldon, Glenda Millard's 'For all creatures' was launched by Margaret Hamilton- on the lush lawns of Glenda's new abode.  Of course there were animals- those donkeys were wonderful.  Thanks indeed to such talented children's authors.



Angela Sunde. said...

Lovely to see all these photos. Thanks for sharing!

Sandy Fussell said...

I feel like a "virtual" attendee! Keep the photos coming :)

Janeen said...

Thanks Lorraine. A launch is such a wonderful time for all concerned. I'd love you to come to my next launch!!
love Janeen

Life's a poem said...

Thanks Angela and Sandy yes it's been a feast of launches- Janeen- yes would love to come too!