Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Into Dublin- confusing to know what bus to catch to the hotel from the airport...
then a hop on hop off bus to see the overview of sights.
A watery snap of the tallest spire in Dublin- a modern sculpture- monument of light.

Trinity college and the book of Kells.  A long wet wait to get in.

Oscar Wilde in the gardens.
Then next day it's out to Kilkenny- and Kilkenny castle.

In Ireland- not often are we allowed to photograph inside.
Yes we took a turn around the town on this!!


nattyj said...

Wow! A bus train?
Quinn would have loved that!

jen storer said...

What a dream trip you are having Lorraine! i am longing to get over to Ireland. sigh. lovely to see your pics and live vicariously. xx

Life's a poem said...

Nat, you'd love it- but much busier place than Australia(and not as well signposted) xxx see you soon.

Life's a poem said...


You'd love Scotland too- all those castles and ruins and history( for us authors to fill in the gaps) I've found a couple of leads for my WIP too! And busily writing poetry when ever I get a chance- how are you?

Janeen said...

Interesting that in this set of great pics, the only spot of colour is the cute little tourist train. Therest is more a palette of grey. x