Thursday, 30 April 2009

My own poetry week

Yes I'm having a poetry week- well early in the morning after my walk, my Bible study, I write a poem- it might take a few word exercises to really push that wonderful creative synapses to occur, but it does. I am left with with a poem suitable for a Lit magazine or a children's poem.
I have a multitude of text books to dip into- one that is working at the moment is jotting down snatches of what is happening in your inner life and then observe the outer life. Mesh some lines, thoughts together and the poem will flow.

I am so happy to have written- just for me, it makes the day sure to sparkle and by the end of the week- I should have seven new poems.

I saw a black glove as if
just unhanded, one finger pointing
others elegantly knuckled (but dew-kissed)
on side of bitumen road...


Rochelle said...

nice one mum - i like this!

Sam Marwood said...

This is brilliant. You are very inspiring. It is like everything; unless you work at it, nothing ever happens.

tjoyy said...

That is great you are on a poetry week mum - today must mark the end of the week - have you your new 7 poems now?