Monday, 20 April 2009

Hot hot summer

On a hot summer's day, here is the line up to view The Golden Age of Couture Paris & London 1947-57, staged at the Bendigo Art Gallery. An art gallery always has such incredible vibes for me to just sit and write. I loved the ooze of style, the flamboyant sketches of the designers and the minute sewing of embellishments by the dress makers. Of course one would need a gala occasion and a gala figure to wear such garments, but I heard many a spectator, murmuring, wish fashion could be like this again.
It can: in a poem, a story, a memory.


Jane Maxfield said...

So true lorraine. I'm studying poetry at the moment and I think I will write a poem about the fashion show. Thanks
Jane Maxfield

Life's a poem said...

Jane, that's great- hope the poem takes shape! Lorraine