Thursday, 1 November 2018

The past few months...

I have neglected my blog, I have BUT I have been involved in writing lots of explanations of how and why I wrote 'Leave Taking'.

I love this celebration cake for the book launch- thanks to Tammy and the Bendigo Goldfields library.

And the book launcher at the Castlemaine library was amazing!  Thanks Jess, the book and feathers flying!

Here are some links to read the review and my explanations:

Book People: Lorraine Marwood - Children's Books › Book People

And thanks to two wonderful author friends who read sections of my book at the two local launches I had: Glenda Millard

And Katrina Nannestad- thank you both so much!

"Leave Taking' is well and truly launched.


E A Gleeson said...


I have just seen Leave Taking on the NSW awards list. it sounds such a beautiful and important story. I am back in Port Fairy for the folkie this weekend so will have access to two bookshops. Good on you and good luck !!

Anne Gleeson

Life's a poem said...

Hi Anne, hope you enjoyed Port Fairy! Yes Leave Taking is an important story for me- hope all is going well in your writing life.