Saturday, 24 March 2012

Occasional Book review 4


By Elena DeRoo
Illustrated by Tracy Duncan

Wow! A small chapter book all told in rhyme. Quite an achievement. The topic is a perennial one for younger children- secret spy! There are also tree houses, school bullies, a new kid at school, as well as Russian Morse code and Olga's meat pies.

Most of the four line stanzas scan beautifully- here's a taste:

'It's the start of the end
of the long summer
the very last slurp
of the strawberry

Each chapter is a mini case- the bully boy gang star in two and an elderly Ollie and the mystery of his disappearing belongings, star in the third and last chapter.

Tracey Duncan's black and white artwork are great prompts as  well as propelling the narrative along, they add an extra dollop of enjoyment and excitement.

This would make an enjoyable read aloud book also. Highly recommended.


Jill in a Box said...

Ooh, that sounds great. I have just introduced my daughter to Harriet the Spy, and she's quite in love, so it's great to know about another spying girl book. My daughter has also taken to writing in her 'Privit' notebook during class to be like Harriet the Spy!

Life's a poem said...

Love it- the 'Privit' book fantastic- I love 'Harriet the spy too!'