Saturday, 4 February 2012

First drafts, journalling, notes,

Lately I've been working on my new poetry collection and to kick start the base load of 50 poems, I've been snatching my old journals off the book shelf and flicking pages, seeing if lines or ideas jump up at me.

Every time I do this I make a mental note to write more in my current journal- I can't believe the little gems just waiting to be discovered again.  Of course not everything I write has a future in permanent ink, but its the cardiac workout to something in the near future which might attain that dizzy height.

I also read collections of poems for children/adults/text books on poetry and try my hand at different styles of writing also.  But there is nothing like observation, being outside allowing one's senses to be open to the palette of micro and macro happenings that make up a day.

Lately I've even collected little gifts to record in my journal.  And yes there is a poem attached to it- but that one is currently on my editor's desk.

There is no substitute for sitting and writing- it's the delectable surprise that comes, the joy of seeing the world in a tiny shard.   How do you garner ideas?

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tjoyy said...

I am a stealer and collector - I used to use National geographic magazines - but now flickr - it has a fantastic stacker application you can collect images of the same sort