Sunday, 5 June 2011

Pressed tin ceilings/ ornate fire places

About to start my poetry workshops and I'm surrounded by old world charm.  After hectic weeks I've began to wind down and actually writing more of my next novel and gathering ideas!

Love the pressed tin roof of our terrace and wish the art deco fireplaces were still working!

Surprising ideas and moments as gifts are all around- while watching the sea at Rushcutters bay- all those yachts- I watched a shape like a small sting ray approach in the shallow green water and it was a penguin- it surfaced looked at me (I'm sure it said hello) and disappeared...

What a gift!


jen storer said...

Oh that fireplace is almost exactly the same as the one in our bedroom! Ours works too i should post a pick for you. And i love that ceiling. I renovated an old Queenslander in the 1980s and spent many hours way way up painting pressed metal! have fun, happy workshopping lorraine. jx

Life's a poem said...

Jen, would love to see a photo of a real fire in one of these fire places!

Big days of workshops coming up- some great poems being written!!!

And writing a bit more myself...

Claire said...

I can see animals in your fireplace tiles. There's a warthog, a monkey, a baboon and a newborn panda!

Or maybe that's just me?

Glad to hear it's going well. xx

Life's a poem said...

amazing images... it's a stunning fireplace- not sure I can see the animals though!