Sunday, 3 April 2011

side tracked

It's April and all over the www there are poetry posts.  Yah, although lately I've tried to move away from poetry to try prose more and to that end I have a novel reworked for the third time into a setting and character base that I enjoy. 

But I'd ordered a second hand book of poetry from the UK- it arrived this week and what have I been doing?  Writing poetry, immersing myself in another verse novel.

I'm excited, frantic to write- can I deny my poetic streak??

Here's a little taste in honour of poetry month:

on skin
shins, legs
rubs to
bronze tan.
does lemon
squeeze legs
Eyes flick
heads follow
on her 
citrus mornings.


jen storer said...

Your poetry streak is a wonderful streak. An inspired streak. Never deny that streak, lorraine! jx

Unknown said...

this is nostalgic...reminds me of the good old childhood days when after playing in the winter sun, Grandma would rub ripe lemon on us, to cure the tan... how we make faces and how we disliked... but yes they are the good old days

Life's a poem said...

Thanks Jen, realise I can't ever deny it! And Anthony, glad this snippet brought back great memories.