Friday, 16 July 2010

The Prime Minister's Literary awards

I went to Readings in Carlton yesterday to be part of the announcement of the shortlisting, especially in the new category children's fiction.

Yes 'Star Jumps' has been short listed.

I love this book.  Its one that begged to be written- combining a style that I enjoy- prose poetry and subject matter- rural life as it is- real sensory snapshots and real emotion.

I was fortunate to be awarded a May Gibbs literature trust residency  in 2007 and 'Star Jumps' was written and dare I say written with tears- it is that close to me.

Of course a great publisher Sarah Foster and  a great editor Sue Whiting at Walker  make publication possible and immensely satisfying.

To the farm life that was- to a husband with whom I pioneered our own dairy farm and to six kids who loved to invent the game of Star Jumps.

The awards announcements are here:


Sandy Fussell said...

So thrilled for you and your wonderful story. I was going to say book but it's more than so much more that. It's all story. SandyX

Rochelle said...

Did you do a star jump?!

kate.o.d said...

i loved this book. so glad it's on the list. congratulations.

Life's a poem said...

Thanks Sandy, Rochelle and Kate- there's nothing like encouragement to make a writer want to write more!