Friday, 4 June 2010

Vienna to Rome

We had cotton towels in the hotel at Venice- and I'm dying for a cup of tea!  And internet is hard to get- I can't send emails and there are so many optional trips and traveling- a good rest is needed.
We traveled 530 km today and arrived in Rome- traffic , graffitti, rubbish- hmm after those well tended cities we'd just visited it was a surprise!
We had a Rome tour by night with a local guide- the Spanish steps, a look at the outside of Pantheon.  Wow a pagan temple first for all gods then and now a Catholic church.
The Spanish steps where artists, writers meet in the 19th century.
right near by a museum to two famous English writers who lived here.

Then a walk with the crowds, scooters and crazy roman drivers to see the fashion shops.(just a passing glimpse)
Even Pinicochio- forgot he was Italian!
We had an italian dinner of Pizza, salad at the square where this famous fountain flows- need to check this!


Rochelle said...

That will be the Trevi Fountain mum? Glad you're loving it all! Good to hear you guys want to return!! Keep enjoying :)

Claire said...

There's nothing that can really prepare you for the age of Rome, is there? How to even imagine buildings so old?