Friday, 1 January 2010

poem a week for the New Year

It's that tingly all possible, New Year resolutions' time, as well as reflection on the past year- all poetic scraps to be melded into a poem.

Here's an idea to gather lines for a New Year poem:

- take a peek out the window- is there a gift of nature left overnight, a feather, a raindrop, a new insect hatched?
- is there someone or something you can't take into the New Year with you?
- what current news topic really strikes a chord, locally or nationally?
- what new insight have you gathered over the Christmas period about your family or a friend?

Jot down lines, let ideas take you in new directions, give specific details... Write, write, write.

I use cheap exercise books that are currently on special in places like K Mart and Big W. I like to write my poems freehand, label them with the date and a year or two later, I trawl my note books for ideas. New inspiration. Every fragment counts.


Kat Apel said...

Hi Lorraine,

The key is 'poetry2010'.

Hope to see you soon!

Sam Marwood said...

Brilliant. Just requires me to slow down and bit and not try to do so many other things. But obviously worth it