Tuesday, 3 April 2007

note book

The loss of my laptop still reverberates. I am back doing longhand writing of stories- I always prefer longhand in the composing of poetry, but began using the quicker way composing straight onto the laptop and then transferring to print out on the master computer. No more.

There is nothing more interesting than trawling through past notebooks- and seeing some possibilities in fragments of lines or ideas. My latest book 'The girl who turned into Treacle' Aussie Nibbles- due out July 2007 was started and then left languishing as a fragment. I had middleitis. It wasn't until I was recuperating from an operation that I re-read that particular notebook and found the story, found the solution and straight away completed the story.

Some fragments remain just that- but in the long haul are part of the writing apprenticeship and must be expressed.

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Unknown said...

I love the term middleitis Lorraine.
Sharon. And yes I too loved the booksale, having gotten there on Monday and came home with a small but satisfying selection.