Friday, 23 March 2007


My laptop was stolen from the state library as I worked in a dark room with microfilm. I feel as if I've lost a member of the family- and that 5000 word start of a novel. I compose on this laptop and then put it onto the big computer when I'm happy with it- alright you know what's coming- I didn't'save my stuff to the big computer- all that work. I want to howl and rage- how could anyone take my bag and the steal the laptop and leave the bag behind some shelves??????


Anonymous said...

So sad about your laptop, we know how much you loved it and all those words! May God empower you to write an even more wonderful novel and help you find the time to recreat.
Love your blog-love seeing this side of you Mum and learning more about your writing.
Love you, Nat

Sherryl said...

Oh, Lorraine - I feel for you!
Hope you re-create those words even better than the first time around.
My daughter had hers stolen from her flat recently - it had all her schoolwork on it and they took the back-up USB drive too.
I feel sometimes like I backup my backups, but if I lost anything...

Life's a poem said...


yep horrible day but learnt much from it and was only glad my memory stick wasn't in there as well! And that I didn't use any banking on the lap top- but the portability was fantastic- back to paper and pen!