Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Again a train trip.
Wish we'd joined the National trust before we began our trip- so many fabulous places to see.
We stayed at a bed and breakfast by the Ouse river- lovely museum gardens nearby.  And the ruins of a church- destroyed in Henry VIII's time- but the walls of the city can be walked around and the York Minster- that Gothic cathedral is fabulous.

And the weather was hot!  We stayed in the second storey room of the bed and breakfast- windows open and still hottish!  So I couldn't believe the photos in tourist shops of the Minster surrounded by snow.
A 16th century memorial inside the Minster.

It was staggering to think that in the 14th century such colossal building could be done!  And the stained glass windows!
Kel has been reading while away and read a series of fiction books but with historical settings and he was anxious to see all the buildings mentioned in the latest book about King Henry VIII's progress in from London to York in 1541- 1000 staff and 1000 soldiers!

St.Mary's Abbey- torn down.  People sit amongst the ruins on the lush lawns eating lunch, visitors click away.
Part of the roman, then Norman wall.
We also visited the Treasuer's house and the jorvik viking centre as well as looking at the marvellous streets and Tudor shops- the Shambles.
York tourist information

Like to come back again- a great stay!

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