Monday, 14 June 2010

Old Macdonald had a farm...

Well that's what i've been singing to Madeleine.  Farmers in England had an open day.  Simon found a farm not far out of London where we couldl tube then use a street car to drive to.
Kel wanted a dairy farm.  We went to a Wexham dairy- Jerseys which did not mind a crowd of people watching- if it was our shed there'd be manure everywhere.

The cows were in superb condition.  Soem things done' change- the smell adn yes the junk( in old sheds at least)

Lots of good looking tractors and sheds- but the farmer has to pay to offload the bull calves- in a dairy females are all the go.

There was parkland and a lake near the farm and not far away a national highway...
Kids and parents enjoyed a trailor ride and I bought some fresh produce.
Lunch at the Black Horse, then home.  (dogs everywhere- always allowed at pubs)

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nattyj said...

Would have bought back lots of farm memories! Hope Mads enjoyed it!