Thursday, 10 June 2010

Paris- Versailles

That Palace- we had a local guide and our own set of earphones- the crowds- the humidity, the dust from those cobble stones.

The sun king Louis XVIII had his room at the centre of the Palace and each room reflected a planet that revolved around the sun.

The ceiling of the Venus room.

The chandeliers in the Hall of Mirrors showed how opulent this Palace would have been.


Rochelle said...

Versailles is amazing isn't it? Nice pic infront of the fountain!

Claire said...

It's like it's own little...or not so Amazing to think that people lived like that

nattyj said...

Finally, a picture of the both of you together! What a stunning place!

Janeen said...

hi Lorraine. So lovely to see your photos and best of all, to read your snippets. Love them. So you. Yes, like you, i could happily hole up in that little place of St Paul's outside of Nice, with all those alleyways and stone walls. So evocative. I bet we'd appreciate the Australian space though after a while. I can't believe how hot it sounds over there - and as Aussies you'd think we'd be used to it. how about you and I trotting over to France, and writing in a little studio!! will write soon - lots of workshops at the moment and then the CBCA conference next week. love Janeen