Friday, 4 June 2010

Lucerne to Venice

A big day in the coach- how can bus travel be so tiring?  So many things to do and see- a good panaormic trip- but we have earmarked places to visit again.

First impression of Venice was grime after the clean German and Swiss towns- but the old city was fabulous even in a down pour and for a short time.

We first took a boat trip across to the old city- coaches and vans and cars- all outside and pay a visiting tax.
  We saw this Greek liner in the port as we travelled in rain.

Stepping onto the Venice street was like a touch of history- if we only had time to explore!! We raced to a glass blowing demonstration and the rain forced a cancellation of a gondalier ride in the canals- I am so dispapointed- hope to go back there one day- Bologna is not far away.

Viewing monumenats like this on top of churches was a like a dip into my art history book- there it is- its real!

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