Saturday, 26 June 2010


The train trip continued from York to Edinburgh.  Another warm day and it was hot in the motel room of a night- so much so that we found a fan and put that on!

We were just around the corner from the Royal Mile, so shops, cobblestoned streets little leadways to streets behind the main streets called 'closes' were all there.

Our first visit was of course the Edinburgh castle- Kel even captured a photo of the canon going off- it goes off at 1pm every day.  A bagpipe heralded the momentous occasion.

The views from the castle walls were fantastic.
The Bagpipes are so fitting for the atmosphere.

Here's where the Edinburgh tattoo is held- before you enter the castle- apparently it's filmed in August.
Would you believe that as we left the castle and got back on the bus- who should we meet but a couple from the farming community where we used to live!!!

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Sandy Fussell said...

I love that first castle photo. So atmospheric. Makes me want to write it into a scene immediately!