Saturday, 5 June 2010

Vatican and colosseum

An early strat- on the bus by 7.15 with a local guide and audio attachments to tackle the crowds at the Vatican- being with a group makes the line up so much simpler.

We first viewed the Vatican museum- all structured to flow into the Sistine chapel.(the Pope's private chapel)
The statues here date back to antiquity- 2000 years old.
Ceilings were covered with artwork.
I especially liked this ancient roman statue which Michelangelo used as a model for his David.

then into St.Peter's Basillica.
And look at this- the Pieta by Michelangelo- done when he was young- in his 20's!!!!
Of course all around us were other tours and their guides with their different coloured umbrellas.

Popes are mummified- here is one adn the shrine in front of him- we all filed past.

See the balcony in the centre?  This is where the Pope stands at Easter and Christmas.
Around the roof line are statues of the saints.
The Sistien chapel- oh what a hightlight- 25 mins to look and wonder and marvel- what riches!  No photos allowed- some people chatted!! What genius, what gift of God at work!

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