Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tower of London

What a place, or really what a palace. The White tower built by William the Conqueror in 1080 was the showpiece.  Once we entered through the gateway we were in an ancient city full of ritual, pomp, pain with royal and public history on display.

To see the lawn area where Lady Jane Grey was executed, see the tower where Sir Walter Ralegh was imprisoned was very special.  All those steps, cobble stones.  And the church where the bones of the executed wives of henry VIII now rest was a bit unreal.  How can so much history be channelled here?

The traitors' gate- the link to the Thames.

The armour of Kings and nobles.

Inside the medieval Palace

And the Ravens are a feature of the mystery and grandeur of the Tower.

I think of my long ago English/Irish/Scottish ancestry and am thankful for the passing down of the Christian faith.


tjoyy said...

wow all that history - looks like you were the only ones there - not many tourist around?

Life's a poem said...

yes there were heaps of schoo visitors etc- we tried to time our photos- we stayed till the latest we could too- have lots more photos- will have to deal with them...