Monday, 19 April 2010

Chelsea Physic garden

We started the day by going to church at Holy Trintiy Brompton- where Rochelle and Simon go.  Home to the Alpha course which I did in the late 1990's with our little rural church. A great service.Holy Trinity Brompton

Then as it was such a glorious day we went to the Chelsea Physic Garden and we had a first ride in a London taxi- much easier for Rochelle who is actually due tomorow.  We had a garden tour- saw the huge shells brought back from Tahiti on Captain Cook's voyage,(now in the rock garden) saw the medicine garden and enjoyed reading the medicinal properties of many herbs- here's an example;  Rosaceae- fragrant agrimony- helpeth the colic, cleanseth the breath and relieves the cough.


Chelsea Physic Garden

We saw where School children come to learn about gardens and planting- loved the growing of plants in containers that orginally held the fruit or processed vegetable.
Also loved the recycled weaving in the children's corner.

and the beehives:
and the unusual, loved this mini rockery:

and here's a great quote:
Common Periwinkle: Leaves eaten together by man and wife causeth love between them. 
Culpeper 1653

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