Thursday, 15 April 2010

St.Paul's Cathedral

What a fabulous building and the history- here's a quote: 'St.Paul's Cathedral where Christian worship has been offered for fourteen hundred years.  Sir Christopher's Wren masterpiece was completed in 1710.'

We went in through the crypt and looked at the memorials to famous figures in British history- I liked the one to John Donne (poet and dean) whose effigy survived the 1666 fire of London.

The mosacis were wonderful- a Victorian edition.  So much space, so much grandeur.  One can even have a meal in the crypt area.  Prayers are said on the hour.
I loved the work of Holman Hunt 'the Light of the world' a pre-Raphaelite painter.
Light of the world

We are learning to navigate the tube.
But today was cold- a coat and scarf day.

Then across the millenium bridge to the Tate modern gallery- I liked the postcard size work of Fréderic Bruly Bouabré- 'the cloud horses of celestial animals'- small postcard size drawings and words done in coloured pencil and ballpoint pen.  Very creative.
Tate gallery London

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